Monday, July 04, 2011

~ Fourth of July ~

My neighbors had a 4th of July party on Saturday, they built a 150 ft slip and slide that you could drive a car down, (their side yard is on a hill) and made a pool at the bottom with logs and tarps and filled it full of water.  They had sprinklers all along the side of the "slide" and they used no more tear baby shampoo to keep the slide slippery  Yes, it was totally deserving of a You Might be a Redneck if ...  joke of some sort,  or CMT top redneck moments ... there was tons of grilling, alot of kids running around with visible bruising all up and down their back sides (think about it a thin sheet of plastic on top of dirt and patchy grass, sliding at a somewhat high speed for yard sliding anyway ... alot a bruising - I don't know why they kept doing it) and alot of drinking,  There were about 40 - 50 people there.

We went over and ate and traveled back and forth from our house to theirs for most of the day, watched the fireworks and the party lasted way into the night - I could hear it all while I tried to sleep in my bedroom next door ... 

The highlight of the evening was when the lady of the house came out and yelled across her yard ...  "WHICH ONE OF YOU IDIOTS THREW UP IN MY BATHROOM AND DIDN'T CLEAN IT UP ???!!!???"   To which at least 5 guys all raised their hands .....

Hope everyone else's 4th of July was fun!

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