Thursday, November 18, 2010

~ Crap Day ~

I had a crap day yesterday. Problems with a co-worker. I needed to vent and I needed a second opinion. I called 3 friends to lay all of my negativity on them and get feed back. All 3 friends were not available to talk. So I stewed, then went home - talked it all out with my husband. And I felt better. And I was able to come to work today and be civil and even friendly.

Really, I think I just wanted someone to affirm my feelings and get aggravated with me. Which my husband did a fairly good job of and gave me some totally man advice " just blow it off ".

Which I have.

So, if any of my 3 friends that I called yesterday and could not talk, read this ... no worries - my husband did a great job and really that is what he signed on for, right?

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