Thursday, June 03, 2010

~ Journaling ~

A few of my friends and I have started a journaling swap group. (We keep a journal for a few weeks and then meet for dinner and swap - way to get to know each other better ... ) Thank you M or was it S? OR both? Anyway, I have been in a really negative mood here lately and haven't journaled much because I figured my negativity would make its way onto my pages and who wants to read that kind of stuff! I came across this link on my Facebook:

it was from a NPR link of open journaling for girls... or something like that .... here it is:

Anyway, it gave me a whole new outlook on this journaling thing - maybe I will starting carrying my water color pencils around with me to do my journaling from now on!

This was one of my favorites (there is one that shows their travels that was very cool, but I couldn't get it to copy ... ) :

Check them out, they were all pretty cool! It may give us all some journaling prompts - something I always need ...

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