Wednesday, December 09, 2009

~ A Bologna Sandwich and a Sweet Memory ~

I had a bologna sandwich and chex mix for dinner tonight. Gary was gone and so I didn't cook. So my bologna sandwich was relished in the pleasure of knowing that when I finished, there would be no dishes to do, no left overs to take care of, no table to clean off. All I had to do was toss my paper towel and empty Lipton Green Tea bottle into the trash and wah lah, all clean.

Last night, I came home to baked ham, field peas, homemade macaroni and cheese, homemade biscuits, and baked sweet potatoes - oh and perfectly sweetened iced tea; this morning I got up, took my shower got ready and went into the kitchen and there was a fresh pot of coffee waiting on me; fluffy scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, toasted english muffins, perfectly browned and buttered with real butter and a warm bowl of "real" oatmeal, ya know - not the kind from the brown paper envelope, poured into a bowl with water and nuked in the microwave - but the real kind from the cardboard box and cooked on a stove.

Yep, it was Tuesday night and Wednesday morning and I was basking in the love and warmth of my momma's kitchen :)

So my bologna was okay, because I still had my fresh memory of my momma's wonderful cooking in my mind. Plus than meant TWO nights of no cooking :)

I don't know what has happened to me, I used to love to cook.

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