Thursday, April 16, 2009

~ Struggles ~

Has anyone ever offended, embarrassed and humiliated you so bad that you go out to a private place and cry for a good 20 minutes before you can even be seen in public again without totally losing it. And then, after you get past the crying part, ANGER TAKES OVER, and you plot your revenge, or what you should have done/said or will do/say, etc. Only to have God block your path to that evil side of your pesonality. And, even knowing that it is GOD blocking that evilness, you struggle to find ways to get around HIM basically!

Yeah, that is me, it happened VERY recently. And to be truthful, I am still having a hard time with forgiveness, even knowing once I truly forgive this person in my heart, the struggle with my evil side will not be so hard, my pain of this hurt will lessen because God will be sharing it with me and will take it from me. I am only hurting myself, not the offender. Now just writing this TRUTH is helping. I just have to take the next step with it. I will. Soon. Today. Now.

Why is it sometimes so hard to do though?


Going Goofy said...

Girl......been there, done that.

I feel for you.

Michelle said...

I have been there too! It is scary the thoughts that have crossed my mind as far as revenge goes at times.

Loveday's Day said...

Yes, it happens to me also. I get my feelings hurt very easily.