Friday, February 27, 2009

~ Too many irons in the fire ~

Origin: 'Too many irons in the fire' would mark an inefficient smith or one with an unskilled apprentice." (copied) also, the smith can't keep up with all the irons, they become overheated and blister, when the smith takes them out and puts the hammer to them, they flake and break and become unusable .... (paraphrased)

"To have “too many irons in the fire” is to be engaged in too many activities." (copied)

This is me. I am trying to do too many things and what winds up happening is that I am doing nothing well, or up to my full abilities. I just can't decide what I need to cull.

This relating to my "hobbies" only; for now ...

I have cross stitch projects, started and now gathering dust;
I have paintings started and now gathering dust;
I have scrap booking projects started and bought, that I just can't seem to make myself finish or start;
I take violin lessons, but struggle to take time to practice;
I have gardening ideas that I start and leave unfinished;
I have tons of books, but seldom read anymore; but can't resist a used book store - especially the one at the main library downtown - with each book I purchase, I can just imagine curling up on my couch with a yummy cup of coffee within arm's reach and my dogs curled up at my side, getting lost in the pages for hours of pure enjoyment ... doesn't happen though; I am too consumed thinking about all of my unfinished projects; and, then doing nothing, uhmmmm except reach for the remote control so I don't have to think about those things anymore ...

I want to drop violin, but will feel like such a failure if I do. I am struggling with it horribly - probably (most likely) because I don't practice like I should! But of all of these extras, I enjoy it the least. To use the paraphrase from above, my violin is about to blister and it is on the edge of flaking and falling apart when I get it out to practice ...

I am in "inefficient smith".

Do any of you have this problem?

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Going Goofy said...

yes I do have that problem too!