Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Surgery over!

Thanks for the flowers (mixed bouquet) from my Sunday School class - brightened my day so much; the hydrangeas are from my mom's yard. Wilted plant - that's all mine!
Home again. And I can breath sooo much better. Surgery seems to be a success - thank you for all of your prayers. I am on voice rest for a few days but feel pretty good.
They did bust a crown right off one of my molars and scratched and slightly chipped one of my front teeth that were both broken in my first airway surgery. Details though - I can breath - Yeah. I have already had an emergency visit with my dentist and a temp crown in is place and they polished up my scratched tooth - hopefully risk management at UAB will pay for it, but we will see!
My doctor tells me that I have a very small mouth - My husband would probably like to tell him when I get mad, you would never know it!
The morning of my surgery, I got up at 5:15 AM and let my sweet little babies out (two mini schnauzers and one boxer) at about 6:50 I went to the back door to call them back in (we have a fenced in back yard) and nothing. I stepped out further and saw to my horror that the back gate was open and they had more than an hour headstart on us! We looked and looked, hollered and hollered, drove up and down the roads and finally, I had to leave, my husband stayed behind to continue the hunt and I called my mom and go with to the hospital. I cried like a wild child and prayed for their protection and cried some more, all the way to Cullman just as I was pulling into my parents driveway, he called me and told me a neighbor about 4 miles away had spotted them - PTL! I was so relieved. (he came on to the hospital after that) I am an empty nester and those 3 little rotten scoundrels are my babies! What can I say! My husband swears the boxer has learned how to open the gate, hmmmmmm ......
This past Friday night, Gary and I went to see "Harvey" and the Playhouse in Huntsville. It is a play about and man with an invisible friend, who is a rabbit - it was a really cute Play and I would recommend it to anyone who likes to go to plays. Just thought I would pass this on!
Til later, and thanks again for all my praying friends.


Going Goofy said...

Velda, I'm so glad that surgery was a success and you can breathe better. I am sorry about the dental damage though. Hope to see you soon. Keeping you in my prayers for quick recovery.
Oh and I am so glad you found your babies!

Laurie said...

So glad you are doing well. I pray this will solve your medical woes!

Steph said...


I'm so glad everything went so well!! Now we can just pray no more Darth j/k. Rememeber, you called yourself that not that long ago. You know I can't resist picking on you. I know I haven't blogged in like a week so I need to get on that where you have something to read while you are at home. Sandy (our big dog) knows how to open the gate in the backyard, so I bet Maggie learned how too! I was going to call you to check on you today, but I thought about it and figured you were probably on voice rest like last time. Tell Gary thank you again for calling me the other day. If you need anything email me and let me know. I'll talk to you soon!

Shawna said...

Velda, I am so glad you are doing better!! Can't wait to see your smiling face again. FYI...we have a boxer who CAN open the it's entirely possible that your's can. Sneaky doggies! There is a movie also called "Harvey" with James Stewart. I remember watching it when I was a kid.

Jan said...

Hope you got my email with resume attached. Send me an email so I can know that you got mine. (the one you gaveme was strange --thought maybe you had a little surgery overload going on!). I too being old was going to mention the WONDERFUL movie with Jimmy Stewart -- my sisters and I have talked about it over the years!