Monday, June 30, 2008


This is the way I was geared up last night ..... I forgot my camera so this shot is off the web.
Last night I went for my sleep study. I was so resentful of even having to do this sleep study, but my surgeon wanted me to rule out my need for a CPAP before my surgery, so off I went. My resentment stemmed from the fact that I have not exhibited any of the typical signs of sleep apnea. I sleep all night, I don't stop breathing, I don't wake up gasping for breath, I wake up rested - most of the time (I do have 3 house dogs, so sometimes ... dogs happen..), I don't nap, except on Sundays, (that is mandatory isn't it), and okay I do snore but not all the time, plus my family doctor and I had discussed it about 2 years ago and he said he really hated to send me over for a sleep study because everyone he has sent has been placed on a CPAP and he was getting less hasty about sending patients because he was leary of the need (I paraphrased his words ...).

Well, sure enough this morning when I was awakened (with at least a hundred wires hanging off my head and 6 or 8 attached to my body), awakened - not for the first time since going to sleep at 10:30 PM the night before, and was told I would be going home with a CPAP. So, I asked - did I stop breathing any --Answer: No; was I snoring heavily, Answer: No, actually did not snore at all, so what was the problem? The only explanation I was given was that I had exhibited a couple of episodes of breathing difficulties. Well, HELLO - surgery in two weeks to hopefully correct this problem. I left the hospital with a CPAP, stewed and stressed until 2:30 PM about it, called my BCBS found out I was going to be responsible for about $700 of this device, got in my car and turned it back in.

Okay, I might have to go back and get it, but not until I hear the actual test results from my doctor; and, given medical reasons from the sleep doctor which will need to be backed up by my surgeon, before that happens. I did email my surgeon, who told me to take it back immediately and not to even think about purchasing a device until he sees the test results himself. I was so impressed, my surgeon actually emailed me. I had actually emailed his nurse to let her know about my sleep study and my surgeon actually responded, I am still in awe of this. I am a paralegal and we pay doctors thousands of dollars to talk to us and still have a hard time getting them to just respond to a letter. So this very quick and unexpected email was a new thing to me.

So CPAP or no CPAP, that is the question. We'll see.


Going Goofy said...

Wouldn't you want everyone to go home with the device if you could make a nice $$$ off them? Just my opinion that sometimes it's more about money than health.

Shawna said...

Horray for you for taking it back! Too much money is made of unnecessary medical devices/procedures/medications and in the end no real solution has been found. Ok...I ranted. Horray for you though. I'm glad your surgeon responded quickly...we need more of that!

Steph said...

I first looked at the title of this post and thought it said But I guess that is the way you probably feel about this medical device after yesterday. I think you are doing a better job at this blog thing. I'm glad you took it back!

Laurie said...

My hub couldn't even fall asleep with all of the contraptions. They gave him a machine anyway and he has been so much healthier!